Alleviate Your Lower Back Pain

There is nothing worse than nagging low back pain. Every time you take a step, get up from a chair or twist the wrong way you’re reminded that you’re in less than tiptop shape. You may find yourself stifling an “ouch,” or far worse.

Try these tips to alleviate lower back pain:
1) Lie on a moist heating pad. Lower backs love heat. Not only will heat relax the muscles of your lower back, it will drive out any coldness (considered in Chinese medicine to be an external pathogen that attacks the lower back and depletes your reserve energy).

2) Have you been working out a lot or really busy lately? Take it down a notch. Low back pain can indicate that you’re burning up your reserve energy. Trying going for a gentle walk instead of a run or spend a mellow night in instead of going out and painting the town red.

3) Do you spend a lot of time commuting or sitting at a desk? Get up from your desk and go for a 20 minute walk during your lunch break. The gentle movement will help strengthen your back and get blood flowing to tight and painful areas.

4) GENTLY stretch your lower back. Click here to see one of my favorite low back stretches.

5) How is your emotional state? Oftentimes when your body stores stress in a certain part of your body, it’s indicative of a specific type of emotional stress. Lower back pain often signals that you’re living in fear. With the continued economic downturn, nuclear situation in Japan and unrest in the Mideast it’s not irrational to be fearful. The question is, what can you do to help yourself feel safe in the face of uncertainty.

Following a regular routine of eating, sleeping and gentle exercise can help calm us down even when the world around us is uncertain.Talking and getting together with friends and family can help you feel like you’re not alone and that you have support. If there is something specific that is upsetting you, get involved and try to change the situation instead of sitting back and feeling powerless.


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